Modern Day Tips For Wedding Stationery

*insert screaming excited voice* “O M G you’re engaged YAY!!” Queue the emotions – Excited, emotional, happy, scared, finding yourself staring at your gorgeous ring (and fiancée/fiancé of course) thinking…. ummm so what do we do next?

You enter planning stage with a cute new wedding planner and the latest bridal magazines in toe feeling overwhelmed by all the options, themes, colours and styles.


First thing’s first – Set a date, find your venue and make sure all the IMPORTANT non negotiable bits to YOU and your soon to be husband/wife align with this date and then you’ll probably have to change the date three times so everything works but PHEWWW you got there!

If your wedding is 6-12 months or more away it would be beneficial to give your guests a heads up with a Save The Date. You can get as creative as you like – Pencils with “Pencil Us In” engraved, postcards, magnets, scratchy cards to reveal your date or a simple card for the fridge is suffice.

If you don’t have Pinterest yet now is the time to download that bad boy app to gather some inspo and NO it’s no longer for Mums, grandmas and the the crazy creative folk.

Well the time has come…. Time to find your perfect invitation and you probably have a lot of questions … How do I reflect my wedding theme in my invitations? Will I offend the oldies by asking for cash? But I really don’t want 10 sets of crystal glasses and an ugly china set *sigh* Do I put a stamp on the RSVP? Will they even send it back? Do I put my name before my husband/wife to be?

Put simply… Do what sits right with you and your future husband/wife. It’s YOUR big day and let’s face it, it’ll probably be the last time it’s solely all about the two of you.

Personally…. There’s no right or wrong way for wording or layout on an invitation as times are changing and new traditions are coming in. My only advise is correct spelling, grammar, obviously the couple’s names to be the focal point and to mirror your theme in your invitation for example: If you’re having a formal day ensure your invitations are worded and written in a formal manner including dress attire. Want to mention parents do it, don’t want to mention parents do it… simples got it?

While times are constantly changing and with more modern practices coming into play, invitations are still the most traditional part of a wedding and consistent through all cultures as let’s face it, no invite no guests.

Here’s a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you along your journey:

Dos // Be organised – download an excel guest list spreadsheet template. Track who you’ve sent invites too, who’s responded and keep a tally of confirmed guests so you can invite the “back up maybes” // Got a theme? Good. Stick to it and be consistent // Give guests plenty of notice. Thank goodness for Save The Dates! // Address your invitations correctly with all names included with correct spelling. // Give yourself TIME! Don’t rush and stress, set tasks daily or weekly and allow for more time if you’re doing a DIY. // ASK FOR HELP – get your crafty nanny, bridesmaids, Mum, friends over to put your DIY invitations and accessories together with you. // Double, triple, quadruple check every detail on your stationery from dates to venue then get three other people to do it for you! (Slightly exaggerated) // Most importantly – Do what makes your heart feel good.

DONTS // Forget anything… Easily said than done right? Chop chop, Get started on that list in your spreadsheet or fancy planner. // Sweat the small stuff… enjoy the planning and most of all your day. If you get the planning right your day should flow perfectly.


by Laura Thomas – Originally Posted on

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